Devon Frost ’20 Awarded Student Employee of the Year

By Maureen Cowhey ’19

The life of a college student does not just consist of sleeping in, going to class, and partying, despite what many of our elders believe. Actually, it is quite the opposite. College students today spend more time working paid jobs than they do in class and studying, according to Bloomberg. Nearly 85 percent of current college students have paid jobs while going to school full-time in order to keep up with the rising costs of tuition, room and board, and books.

Scripps College has 500 student employees working on-campus and across the Claremont Colleges. Not only do these students juggle intense classwork, participate in clubs and organizations, and balance a social life, but they also support the college and help the different offices on campus run smoothly.

In recognition of student labor, Scripps hosted its annual Student Employee Appreciation week from March 25-28. “During Student Employee Appreciation week, Scripps celebrates the accomplishments of our student employees and recognizes the importance of the student work experience,” the Student Employment Coordinator Christine Camacho stated.

Camacho asked employers on campus to nominate student workers for this award then organized a committee of staff, faculty, and alumnae to select a group of finalists. Nominees were evaluated on the basis of reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism, uniqueness of contribution, and commitment to inclusivity and community.

The finalists included Vicky Lu ’20, a Research Assistant at Keck, and Ella Murdock Gardner ’22, an Advancement Communications Intern at the Office of Marketing and Communications. According to Camacho, “Each finalist exhibits the skills, qualities and characteristics that define great employees.”

However, the award ultimately went to Devon Frost ’20 for her work as a media assistant for the Scripps College Dance Department over the last three years. In this role, Frost handles all facets of the department’s online and on-campus media presence. She manages and updates the Facebook and web page, archives all the photographs and videos for the department, and creates original poster designs for different events and concerts that the dance department hosts.

“I love all the creative opportunities I get through my job, such as designing posters or stage managing dance shows,” Frost told the Scripps Voice. “Managing the departments website and the organizational skills I have developed are likely to help me in any future career path.”

“Her work ethic is unmatched,” stated her supervisor Pat Bostock-Smith. “Her altruistic nature makes her a joy to be around and she has become a student-leader in the department because of her know-how and dedication to its progress.”

We must recognize the labor that students like Frost contribute to this college and the ways in which students are expected to not only fulfill their academic expectations, but also go above and beyond in their professional work. While Student Employee Appreciation week may be over, we should thank student workers every day for their commitment.

Photo Courtesy of Scripps College Career Planning and Resources