Film Columnist: Ittai Sopher

Ittai Sopher (Pitzer 2020)

As young child growing up in New Jersey, Ittai Sopher was a proud film nerd whose favorite pastime was lying underneath the smokestacks of the Meadowlands and reciting by heart the 1967 classic, The Graduate. Later, Ittai ventured out to California for the razzle-dazzle of Hollywood life. Ittai is an aspiring writer and enjoys writing gritty stories about awkward childhood interactions and religious guilt, one of which was a finalist in the Scripps Art and Writing Contest. In addition, Ittai was a semi-finalist in the 2014 Urban Word Youth slam-poetry competition, one of the most competitive poetry venues in the tri-state area. Through his film columns, Ittai hopes to inspire a love for film and the creative voices that continues to make its mark in cinemas across the country.

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