Fridays at the Fieldhouse

Sarah Nunez-Lafontaine ’22

Staff Writer

For those of us searching for dry events on campus, Fridays at the Fieldhouse offers a fun way to enjoy late night campus life without the stress of walking all the way to Doms just to realize that it is an empty, overheated space. Every Friday from 10pm to 1am, Tiernan Field House hosts an array of activities for Scripps students, ranging from floating movie screenings to Bob Ross painting parties. 

The Fieldhouse opened up this year’s season of Fridays at the Fieldhouse with an Ice Cream Social that was widely attended by the Scripps population, particularly by first years experiencing one of their first college weekends. These events typically draw crowds of 40 people, mostly those curious about the event, and who enjoy mug decorating, pancakes and many other activities planned by Scripps students. Upcoming events include the aforementioned Bob Ross painting evening and a Disco/Halloween party being planned by Mary Iris Allison ’22. 

I sat down with one of the students who organize Fridays at The Fieldhouse to get the scoop on this semester’s events and why these events are important for the Scripps community. 

“I think it is important, especially when you’re new to campus, to know that you don’t have to feel pressure to go out and party or drink,” Justine Iwata ’21 said. “Sometimes I feel like that’s all that you see here, but there are a fair amount of people who don’t go out every weekend and that’s okay.”

Fridays at the Fieldhouse offer a safe and dry alternative to students who don’t feel like partying at night. The time slot overlaps with prime going out hours, but allows those students who want to find a group of like minded people to hang out with that opportunity. It also allows for students who may partake in party culture to switch things up a little bit, for those weekends when a CMC dorm party doesn’t sound all that appealing, these nights can offer snacks and stressless night. It is also a great place for free snacks and adorable homemade dorm decor, it is not uncommon to see a Scrippsie’s decorated chest cast on their wall, or a delightful sunflower painting. 

Itawa also commented on how these Fridays demonstrate and further promote Tiernan holistic wellness among Scripps students, which she sees as part of Tiernan’s mission. Fridays at the Field house initiative certainly shows their commitment to providing students healthy alternatives to going out. 

So be sure to swing by the Sallie Tiernan Field house from 10pm-1am every Friday for some high quality food and fun!

10/10, Volume XXIX, Issue 2