Lessons From Walking in the Rain

Madison Yardumian ‘21

This afternoon I took a walk in the rain
To remind myself
That bleeding is one of the greatest
Magic tricks of being alive

Sometimes when we cry
We feel the old flow
Out to make space for the new
The despair shifts
Appreciation settles in
And we are grounded

This is how we are gently pushed
Into becoming people
We might actually like to know


Sometimes I feel like concrete in the rain
Letting puddles
The weight of other people’s footsteps
Beat me into a grainy submission
Cracking in the empty spaces
I collect water like a basin

And yet I am filled to the brim

With barrenness

Sensations run hollow

In these moments

I remind myself to be more like the earth
Taking in what’s given to me
And in the thick of the mush I tell myself
There are worse things to be
Than soft

So when pouring rain turns to drizzle

And I regret the way I felt

Because it is no longer worth feeling

I look down at my water-stained shoes

More brick than flotation device

And I remind myself that

A natural ebb and flow
Does not nullify a natural reaction
That pain is both fleeting and real


And when we tell ourselves

There is no shame

In hurting

This is how we heal

I keep walking
I hear the gentle squeak my steps make
When they hit the sidewalk
And feel the two mold together
Feet to pavement

Pavement to dirt

A little less concrete
A little more earth

So yes, bouncing back
May seem easier on solid ground
But that’s because man
Made things he could fix
So he could claim

He is a natural healer
But he forgets

That nature heals man  

So today I will resolve

To grow with the grass

Feel the magic in my bones

And let the promise of the sky

Leave me cold and wet and

Beautiful and free

And as tufts of dandelions

Poke out from

Cracks in my skin

I will let life make me:

A little less presuming
A little more forgiving
A little less broken
A little more living

Image Credit : Luca Santico

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