Spring Spotlight: Poetry

Abby Sorkin ’20
TV and Film Columnist
March 5, 2020

I wish for you 
blooming flowers covering your bruises

not to mask them

but to remind you that they make you beautiful

I wish for you

to chase the stars that streak across the sky

not to long to be apart of them

but to know that to others you already hang there

I wish for you

joy and the taste of sea air when standing by the beach
of champagne bubbles and good books
of hands tracing you gently and of hope

I wish for you
all good things in the universe

because, darling, on this black earth you are a lightning strike

you are what we found in the ruins of Pompeii,
legend made life

you are soft and good and worthy

she’s all wit and wildness, all brilliance and beauty

she’s the type of kindness I want to be

because she smiles during rainstorms

and screams at the stars

and her laughter is the sound that makes flower bloom

and her rage, oh, it’s the thing that burns empires

because she stands up and never keeps quiet

and she’s always there to hold my hand when things get terrifying

she’s the sunrise after the winter solstice

the thing that looks gone but just comes back even stronger

and she sometimes doesn’t realize that
there’s no limits on her power

she is fireworks gleaming overhead,
bursting and crackling in chaos

Invincible, that’s what she is

Image Credit: Unsplash

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