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The Ultimate Roommate Selection Quiz: Forget Questions about Messiness…This Here is the Real Shit.

By Sarah Nunez ’22

  1. Pick a contraband:
    1. Candles
    2. Fairy Lights
    3. Drugzzz
    4. Stray dog
  2. Pick a 5C party to get TRASHED at
    1. Toga
    2. Pirate Party
    3. Eurobash
    4. Paint Party
  3. How often will your roomie be sexiled?
    1. Get real comfortable with the rec room…
    2. Only when there’s isn’t anything else to do
    3. Sexiled?
    4. I mean… you can watch if you want 😉
  4. What’s your star sign?
    1. Taurus (ew)
    2. Why does this matter?
    3. I’m an ENFP
    4. My actual sign is Pisces, and my moon rising is Leo, and technically my sun is a Taurus, but I am definitely more in line with Sagittarius. And when Mercury is in retrograde our room might as well be on fire
  5. Pick a Motley Drink.
    1. black coffee
    2. A spicy chai, EXTRA dirty
    3. A non-fat, blended matcha cha cha with extra whip*
    4. Iced Latte- a basic bitch.
  6. Which dorm best describes you
    1. Toll- an old soul that stinks of weed
    2. Routt- controversial
    3. Browning- waking everyone up at 3 AM with my shenanigans. Also, haunted.
    4. 240 House- kind of nasty… but a good time


*A complete pain in the ass for all baristas.