Vote! ¡Votare! Votez!

By Anna Mitchell

There are those among us who dream of politics, those who would rather not utter the word, and those who fall just about everywhere in between. And, thus, there are those who vote religiously, those who’d rather not catch sight of a ballot, and those who fall, yes, just about everywhere in between.

This election year is vital (as all years are, many argue) to our future in the United States and elsewhere. Our current political climate is marked by a deepening partisan divide, resulting in complex public discourse around all issues, many of which specifically affect young citizens — their health, safety, and prospects. Regardless of political affiliation, this is a year in which to participate.

“You might not be a big fan of politics, but you can still participate. All you need to do is vote for people you believe will work on these issues…,” argues gun-control activist Emma Gonzalez of Parkland, Florida in a New York Times article.

If you have an opinion on reproductive rights, gun control, access to safe and legal abortions, immigration, healthcare, sexual assault and harassment in the workplace and elsewhere, wage-inequality, or the natural environment (and it would be hard to believe that you have no stance on or knowledge of any of these issues), vote. If you believe in the efficacy of a democratic society, vote. As Franklin D. Roosevelt once stated, “Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”

Helpful tips on registration:

  • Find information for online registry at www.vote.org, www.vote.gov, www.votebettersam.org
  • As an out-of-state college student, you can choose which state to vote in. Consider where your vote will be most impactful and which state’s politics you are better acquainted with.
  • If voting in California, you can also register in person (by Tuesday, November 6 for this midterm election!)
  • Phone registration is offered in some states (check out aforementioned websites for info on your state)
  • Look up your state’s voter guide for information on issues and candidates on this ballot (you can find this simply by googling your state and “voter guide”)

Happy voting!

Image Credit: Cosmopolitan

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