Halloween Crossword 2023

4. The fall flavor
6. How many ghosts haunt The Scripps Voice?
9. Slimy spheres
10. Phoebe Bridgers’ Halloween
13. Fictional family associated with all things spooky
15. How many nights are you at Freddy’s?
16. Halloween host that doesn’t believe in wristbands
17. All the monsters are doing it
19. Famous vampire
20. Knotts ____ Farm
22. Witches’ city in Massachusetts
24. What’s haunting Toll
27. Not a treat
29. Michael Jackson as a zombie
30. Location of on-campus trick or treating
31. He’s just ____
32. Weapon of choice at last year’s Halloween party
36. A friendly ghost
38. Let’s do the ____ again
39. Bare bones

1. Halloween event hosted in the Village on Oct. 22
2. Why did members of the CMS rec team dress up like Bonnie and Clyde for Halloween?
3. Don’t say his name three times
5. Where do pumpkins mysteriously appear at Scripps?
7. Fall seasonal drink at the Motley, sponsored by The Neighbourhood
8. The last one standing
11. Could also be a Christmas movie
12. Six of these movies have been made
14. Your straight football fan boyfriend’s costume
18. Halloween cult classic
21. College students’ biggest holiday
22. 2022 Halloween-gate
23. Halloween’s Michael
25. Broom and black cat handlers
26. Button eyed
28. It’s the Great Pumpkin, ___!
33. Why Taylor Swift can’t turn back now
34. What Tiernan is afraid of
35. No pleaseee, she’s a staaaar
37. Christian girl ___