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New year contemplations

Aviva V. Maxon ’24
Staff Writer

the anticipation of a takeoff
laying next to
a foreign body
flying through the sky
a magic metal machine carrying
hope and lust
away from the ground,
up, up, up, up, up
the air stale and
tight – lingering longer
than is needed

to explore, wonder
known streets unseen,
hearing the screams, sirens
calling lost souls in
short long short short long long
and the magic metal machine takes away

gentle hellos, goodbyes
– tender
broken cracked whirring
bring back home the lust
of new beginnings, beholden
lost love

falling to pieces, broken tiny spikes
put back together
a little different than last
time – moving faster running
running to the future we hold
tiny little spikes put together
a new person
built day by
day by day

anticipation wearing off – into relief
as the magic metal machine soars
closer to real life
sweet new life
sweet new years