So Many Cars in the City

By Anna Mitchell

I went to a city yesterday

(doesn’t matter which*)

where there were shiny cars

lined up like ants

and they almost blinded me

(that’s why I recoiled)

with their tint and their glint

for the sun was an unknowing tyrant.


So many cars in the city

makes me wonder what would happen

if I tossed a brick

that became myriad bricks

and smashed all their tinted windows

into itty bitty splintery shards

and freed the people.


Maybe they’d all spill out

onto the dusty pavement


minimally bloodied

and I’d toss them each

their own ripe oranges

to suck on like teats

so they might understand

how tart and mighty

true life is to the tongue.


* The city is known as Los Angeles.

Image Credit : Flicker

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