This Sky Is So Goddamn Blue

By Anna Mitchell

First, stand outside and look up. Notice.

Now you may proceed.

Part I

CAUTION! Lukewarm skies

no simmer, no rage, no scald,

when your skin

meets the soft sky skin

should it not seethe and curl and blister


or freeze into a million tiny crystals

despite the salinity (your sweat)

don’t you wonder — why?

are you not afraid?


CAUTION! No clouds

like house paint

that slashes at bare wood

like winter coats

that billow (bearded knees)

cast in the morning snow

like thoughts from a cigarette

that dissipate

Part II

Nous faisons de beaux rêves

We dream nice dreams

Or nous ne les cherchons plus

But we’ve ceased chasing them

Un jour après l’autre

One day after another

Une heure après l’autre

One hour after another

Et nous nous retirons

And we retire

à nos grottes

To our caves

en oubliant ce ciel tiède

Forgetting the lukewarm sky

en oubliant la rage

Forgetting rage

  et la sérénité

            and serenity

et la peinture

           and that paint

   et les genoux

             and the knees

         et les gilets

    and the jackets

               et la neige

        and the snow

   (et toi?)

         (and you?)


ATTENTION! Le temps passe.

CAUTION! Time passes.