What Love Sounds Like

By Nyarai Khepra ’22

His heartbeat becomes my favorite melody
His existence reminds me of my favorite love song
Reminds me that love does exist
cause I found it in him.
Found out how to measure my love.

The bass in his voice remains unmatched
Remains my favorite sound in the universe
It’s universally known that he has my heart
In his hands.

A chord is created when we’re together
Simultaneously sounded
If our love was audible
it’d be crescendo
Growing beautiful
never flat

His love feels like forte
Even when I’m not strong enough to reciprocate
When I’m not loud enough
He still hears my cries
And my wants and needs
My harmony
Would cease to exist without him

His love is like a song
So memorable, unforgettable.
If I could I’d put it on repeat
I would
I’d learn every line
Just hoping and praying that it’d get stuck
in my head like a catchy song
That I’d never forget it, like his touch.

When he’s around
My heart beats louder than any bass ever could
when I see his face I’m reminded of the sweetest melody
Reminded of the butterflies in my stomach
And the love in his eyes
On his lips
On his mind I remain constantly
Constant like the tempo
Oftentimes I forget that he isn’t a part of me
That I can exist without him and him without me
My beat
My ballad
My baby is my
My favorite love song

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