2019-2020 SAS Election Results


By Rena Patel ’19

The Scripps Associated Students (SAS) election results were released earlier this month on April 5. This year, 420 students cast their ballot through Sakai.

Niyati Narang ’20 was elected as SAS President on a campaign promising to hold Scripps accountable on the values that they claim to hold. Narang has been involved in various activities and leadership roles during her last three years at Scripps. She has been a member of the Scripps Mock Trial Team and served as secretary, treasurer, and captain. She was also a mentor for Core 1, a Fellow for the Humanities Institute, and a Student Representative for the Board of Trustees.

This year, Narang served on SAS as Junior Class Co-President. She is currently studying abroad in Washington D.C. interning full-time.

Narang, who is also involved in the 5C DropSodexo campaign, stated in her campaign Facebook event, “The Sodexo contract is expiring in 2020 and Scripps admin will choose to either renew the contract or cut ties with Sodexo. If I am elected President, I will take every opportunity to push the administration and the BOT to cut ties with Sodexo.”

Improving and increasing mental health resources as well as academic support beyond Dean of Students is another priority for Narang.

“Being away from campus this semester has made me realize how deeply I want to serve this community to the best of my abilities next year.” Narang stated in her Facebook post. “I will boldly and proudly fight for the needs of not only the Scripps student body but the workers that keep our campus running. I want to hold our school accountable.”

Congratulations to all of the winners and candidates that ran for SAS. The full results of the elections are listed below:

Niyati Narang: 57%
Sabrina Chung: 39%
Abstain: 4%

Vice President of Student Activities
Mabel Lui: 97%
Abstain: 3%

Executive Vice President
Melody Chang: 60%
Alix Hunter: 34%
Abstain: 6%

Safia Hassan and Grace Shao: 57%
Annika Mammen and Madison Gates: 39%
Abstain: 4%

Julia Thomason: 61%
Maggie Bynum: 31%
Abstain: 8%

Student Organizations Commissioner
Elizabeth Howell-Egan: 91%
Abstain: 9%

5C Events Chair
Daniela (Ella) Altamirano-Iniestra: 90%
Abstain: 10%

Sustainability Chair
Maggie Thompson: 94%
Abstain: 6%

Judicial and Academic Review Chair
Abigail Clarke: 100%
Abstain: 0%

Faculty-Staff Relations Chair
Christina Catlett: 92%
Abstain: 8%

Diversity and Inclusivity Chair
Victoria Genao: 97%
Abstain: 3%

Sophomore Class President
Alexandra Rivasplata: 63%
Abstain: 37%

Junior Co-Class President
Shelby DeVolder and Alexa Sanchez: 74%
Abstain: 26%

Senior Co-Class President
Madeline Warman and Nicole Pang: 79%
Abstain: 21%

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