Eurobash: A Rave to Remember

Julia Cox ’23

A rare instance of a large 5C party on Scripps’ campus, Eurobash is a well-attended and highly-anticipated event. Characterized by neon, European-inspired club attire and the unforgettable ambiance created by the Scripps parking garage, Eurobash features hip, danceable music in a monitored environment.

Though perhaps tempting decorate excessively, those in charge of Eurobash chose instead to allocate their resources towards the safety and comfort of the guests, with medical staff and equipment on hand as well as pizza, water, and portable toilets readily available. Consequently, the space was put to good use.

Ella Altamirano-Iniestra ’22, the coordinator of Eurobash, sees Eurobash as a success largely because of the safety of the guests.

“As the organizer, my first priority was ensuring that students are not in unhealthy or risky situations at the event, so I felt like it was a success because it followed all the health and safety measures the administration sets,” Altamirano-Iniestra said. “Honestly Eurobash is the one night a year Scripps is allowed to get loud and have a huge event that brings the 5C’s together, so I was also just happy to see people having fun.”

For those who attended, fun was indeed prevalent – for the most part. Party-goer Esther Adeniji ’22 reported an overall good time with only one drawback; according to Adenji, “the music was better than last year, but it was hard to hear and there were way too many tall guys yelling and pushing people with no care in the world. Other than that, I had a lot of fun getting ready with friends and dancing with them.”

Thanks to the ability to request specific songs and the meticulously chosen tunes of the DJs, the music of Eurobash received many compliments. One DJ, Rose Gil ’22, carefully curated the music both by researching beforehand and by observing the state of the audience at various times.

“I went through all of my playlists and my friends’ playlists and picked the songs that got a strong reaction out of me. Even when the party’s actually happening and I gotta pick a song to play next, I observe people’s faces and the way people are moving (or not moving) and I’ll change the order of the songs to lift or accompany what they’re feeling,” Gil said

Though she’s only been DJing since January, Gil relies on her own music taste and on the feedback of others to prepare for a successful gig.

“Literally all I do is listen to music, so I’m really conscious about which songs move my energy and how it makes me react once I recognize the first note,” Gil said. “So, reaction and how people go forward with that charged action is what I think about the most when I’m choosing songs… and I asked around a lot to see what people wanted and almost everyone wanted a rager so for that I gravitated more towards genres with higher BPM’s, so Rap, Trap, Latin Rap, and some Raggaeton.”

Thanks to music appropriate for a European rave and careful planning by Altamirano-Iniestra and her team, Eurobash was a hit. I’m already counting down the days until next year’s party.