Five 5C Frightening Funnies


Belen Yudess ’25
Social Media Manager

Hi Spooky Scary Scrippsies!
Another Halloween has creeped up on us, this year filled with the Motley’s brew of pumpkin inspired drinks! But something much more terrifying than the fear of not getting a wristband to the 5C Halloween party looms in the air: my horror-ible puns! Here are five 5C frightening funnies to help you pass the time *warp*!

What did the Pomona students dress up as for Halloween?
– Frank-enstein and the Frary Godmother

Why did the skeleton PERM into Histories of the Present: Crossroads?
– To find their Core-pse bride

Why was the Scrippsie dressed like Dorothy afraid to stop by Mudd?
– Because they didn’t want to run into the wicked witch of West

What did the witch say when she was late to her innertube water polo game?
– “My broom was Mc-gone-y’all!”

What did Medusa sing at the 5C Halloween party?
– Collins all the Monsters

Image Source: Let’s Eat Cake

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