Get to Know Matilde Grandberry!

Belen Yudess ’25
Staff Writer

Anyone who currently resides in GJW knows Matilde Grandberry as the hard-working, kind, and genuine caretaker of the dorm. Not only does she keep GJW spotless, but she is always willing to strike up a conversation with anyone who needs to talk about a problem or worry, or wants to chat about their family or day. Matilde has been an integral part of the Scripps community for many decades and is truly a bright light on campus! Read on to hear more about Matilde’s career and personal life.

The Scripps Voice (TSV): How long have you been working here at Scripps?
Matilde Grandberry: I’ve been working 33 years.

TSV: 33 years? Wow. That’s a long time. How did you get involved here?
MG: One of my co workers, she work[ed] in the botany garden. She told me about this college having the open spot … to apply for housekeeping. I said, “yeah.” I went for the application and everything, and they called me to work a little part-time and later she told me my time is done. But her supervisor from housekeeping, she liked how I did my job. And she told me maybe she would call me back when the person they had retired soon. And then she called me back, and that’s when I got that job.

TSV: Wow.
MG: I worked in Clark for 20 years and Toll for 14 years. And [they moved everyone again], and I moved to Frankel-Routt. I have Froutt and GJW, by the time before the COVID, she changed again, everybody and she had one of us stay over here [GJW]. [I have been here] two years by myself. But I like it. I like my job. I like the area.

TSV: Which dorm has been your favorite?
MG: I think it’s Clark. Yeah. I stay[ed] over there for a long time. Most of all the dorm. I like it. I like to work. I worked in all the dorms. I worked in Browning, I worked in Dorsey, in Kimberly, Wilbur for a little while. I also worked in Revelle house.

TSV: What’s your favorite thing about working at Scripps?
MG: I like the students, [and how] everybody communicated, everybody talked, and everybody help[ed] do business. It’s so nice.

TSV: Now that we’ve covered work, let’s do some fun questions! What’s your favorite color?
MG: My favorite color is blue.

TSV: How come?
MG: Jeans and I like blue. My clothes are blue. Blue and white.

TSV: That is such a good color combination. So I know you have two kids. Do you want to talk about them?
MG: Yeah. I have a daughter and a son.

TSV: What is your daughter’s name?
MG: My daughter’s name is Lilia.

TSV: Beautiful. What’s your son’s name?
MG: My son’s name is Willie.

TSV: That’s amazing. Do you want to talk about your kids?
MG: My son went to school. He went to college, he finished high school and then culinary school. And he’s working in his own business. And my daughter finished school last year for accounting. … And she’s happy. That’s all that matters.

TSV: What about your grandkids? What were their names?
MG: My grandkids, one is six years [old]. He’s in school. Atreo. He plays piano.
My other grandson, Bastian, is one year and three months. I told my son, you need to get them to start speaking Spanish. My daughter loves to practice.

TSV: That’s awesome. What is your favorite season?
MG: The summer, it’s my favorite’s time to plant. I like to plant tomato.

TSV: Do you like to cook?
MG: I like to cook. Before I started working here, I was a chef in Mexico. For that, my son wants to be a chef.

TSV: That’s amazing. So will you and your son cook together when he comes?
MG: Yeah. I [also like to] travel a lot.

TSV: What was your favorite place to travel?
MG: In Mexico I went to Bela Cruz, and Cancun.

TSV: That’s amazing. What was your favorite part about traveling?
MG: The tourismo and communications over there. [When I came to the U.S.] I went to Sacramento and New York. I like to travel to see more places and have conversations with the people. And the food is different.

TSV: What’s your favorite thing to cook? My or your favorite? Like food?
MG: Pork. I like to cook barbecue, and gumbo the gum for salad.

TSV: What about dessert?
MG: I make pancakes, cake and Chocoflan.

TSV: What about your favorite TV show or movie?
MG: I like “Chicago Medical.” I like to watch a lot of kids’ movies. I like the “Lion King.”

TSV: What about music?
MG: Mariachi and country music.

If you ever come across Grandberry, I highly encourage you to take some time and get to know her! Some of my favorite memories on campus have been hearing Grandberry talk about her holiday plans or saying a quick good morning as she chuckles while I frantically run off to class. Her kindness and sincerity is sure to brighten your day!

Image Source: Scripps College