Knock, Knock! Meet the Newly Elected SAS Board


Frances Walton ‘26 and Charlotte Korer ‘27
Copy Editor and Staff Writer

The Scripps Associated Students (SAS) election results were revealed on April 8. The Scripps community gathered as informed voters to watch the candidates’ campaign videos and vote for who they wanted to represent in the 2024-2025 school year. Newly elected SAS leaders shared their plans, challenges, and values with The Scripps Voice as they headed into the new year. Starting with the executive board, moving through chair positions, and ending at class presidents, the new SAS members are ready for the new year of representing Scripps students and making meaningful changes on campus!

President – Melina Durre ’25

“My goals include building upon our current momentum when it comes to student life and events, and improving transparency between the different echelons of Scripps, whether it be faculty, administration, or the student body. I also want to up the productivity of the SAS membership.”


VP Student Activities – Simran Sethi ’26

“My main goal is to increase student engagement on campus. The current exec team does have a good relationship with the other 5C student governments. We are already looking forward to working with them to increase collaboration for events on campus.”


Executive VP – Anabhra Singh ’25

“There are two significant impacts of my position — first, bridging the gap between students and admin through BeHeard Forums, and second, leading the SAS senate to achieve sustainable, long-term, and important goals (e.g improving the resources offered by the Student Union). [BeHeard Forums] will provide the student body with the opportunity to discuss pressing issues on campus, and freely voice any/all concerns. Then, I along with SAS and SAS senate, will convert these discussions to actionable items and bring them to the Scripps administration.”



Geeta Karlcut ’26

“The most significant impact of treasurer is the ability to distribute funds in a way that allows all voices to be heard—making sure that all students are able to have the ability to explore their passions and grow as people.”

Reyna Manriquez ’26

“As Co-Treasurers, our aim is to enhance transparency regarding funding by sending an email at the end of the year to the student government with a comprehensive summary of our allocations throughout the academic year. […] Each year, we strive to equitably distribute funds among all clubs, ensuring that each one has the resources necessary to maximize its impact on the student body.”


Secretary – Samyuktha (Sammy) Natesan ’27

“The most significant impact of the secretary position is that it allows Scripps students to be able to easily access and interact with SAS news and business. […] the secretary handles the SAS Instagram and posts upcoming events and news.”


Faculty-Staff Relations Chair – Madyson Chung Lee ’27

“One thing I’m really excited to do as the faculty-staff relations chair is hold affinity group mixers and spaces for students to talk and “network” with their faculty and staff. I think it’s really important for POC, first-gen, LGBTQ+, etc. students to see representation and understanding from the people they interact with.”


Judicial and Academic Review Chair (JARC)-

Emma Cahill ’26

“The most significant role and impact of the JARC is to amplify student needs and voices to areas which they are typically unheard. […] I believe that our position can have a significant impact on increasing awareness about academic policies, deadlines, self-design majors etc. and can advocate for students in order to make their lives easier!”

Lily Nelson ’26

“My goals are to build and maintain strong relationships with faculty in order to advocate for my peers, and to increase communication between the JARC and the student body.”


Diversity and Inclusivity Chair – 

Aida Kassa ’26

“The most significant impact of my position is my self-awareness within my position. I believe that as a Black woman I could definitely speak on issues surrounding diversity and inclusivity, though I do think I am limited in making my experiences generalizable as I do consider myself a privileged light skinned woman in comparison to the other black people that attend this campus. As someone who did not attend a predominantly white institution in highschool, it was an interesting transition coming to one for college. The students, administration, and faculty have all surprised me—negatively. I think the students at this school deserve a representative that can be outspoken and determined to make change, rather than a performative ally, which I believe both Bernice [Abanda] and I can do.”

Bernice Abanda ’25

“The biggest challenge would be navigating the complex dynamics between differentaffinity groups and interests on campus to implement changes that benefit underrepresented communities without alienating other groups. Balancing these dynamics while pushing for substantive, structural changes to enhance inclusivity will require careful strategy and collaboration skills.”


5C Events Chair (Co-event chairs) – Alex Hamilton ’25 & Sarah Paper ’25

“We will be premiering the first Scripps Boiler Room, a SAS event series focusing on female DJ’s and artists, on Thursday, May 2nd, from 10pm-2am, at Walter’s Restaurant in the village. This event will be featuring […] DJ Icey & DJ Chelsea! We will have free drinks for the first 75 guests over 21 and free appetizers all night.” 

“Without giving too much away, next year we are super excited to host multiple 5c parties each semester – we promise to bring another year of fabulous events where students can come and make amazing memories!”


Student Organizations Commissioners – Quinn Dwyer ’26 & Kimai McPhee ’25

”One of the biggest aims for the upcoming year will be to maintain and create events which can be replicated annually. As SAS continues to rebuild institutional memory loss from Covid, there is an opportunity to bring back and create new traditions.”


Senior Class Co-Presidents – Abbie Oh Arroyo ’25 & Belén Yudess ’25

“Coming back as senior class president, I really want to make this last year one where people can lean into the deep bonds they have formed and also make new ones! Senior traditions are something I’m really excited for, and cannot wait to collaborate with our fellow seniors in planning these.”


Junior Class Co-Presidents – 

Rebecca Yao ’26

“I know that next year changes will be implemented, and I hope that SAS will be taken more seriously (internally and externally). After the success of the recent 5C Block Party, I’m also excited to build back the culture and fun that Scripps had before it was lost in COVID!”

Celine Aoki ’26

“One of the biggest challenges will be getting engagement during such a busy year as a student. However, I hope people are able to attend events and give me feedback to make the time spent relaxing and worthwhile.”

Sophomore Class President – Mekala Kumar ’27

“The most significant impact of my position is to build a sense of community within my grade. It’s important for everyone to feel comfortable and welcome in the class of 2027. I aim to accomplish this with class-centered events where everyone can attend and have fun.”


Interviews were edited for length and clarity.

Photo Courtesy of Frances Walton ’26

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