(T)hankyou (S)o (V)erymuch (4) (E)very (I)ncredible (C)reation (S)incethen


Belén Yudess ’25
Copy Editor Intern

You are the reason
words are transformed
beacons of hope,
foundations of connection,
& seeds of resilience.
For you have held the sun in your hands
and absorbed her radiance,
absorbed her power to inspire growth.

You are the reason
this community has been born
late nights of laughter
Sundays filled with stories
& moments in between
when you began to mean so much more
than the people who lead.
Although you once were a stranger;
it is strange to imagine a life without you,
and it is better to miss you from afar
then miss your presence in this life at all.

You are the reason
for many beautiful things,
so please remember that you
are strong,
and forever loved
no matter where you may go
no matter the life you lead.
We will be here cheering you on,
just like you always did.

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