Valentine’s Day Puns

Belen Yudess ’25
Social Media Manager

Browning roses are red and the tears from Valentine’s Day Monday night homework are blue. If you have an exciting rendezvous or date with a book on the 14th, here are some XOXO-so ridiculous puns to get you through.

Why did Scripps decide to keep the food trucks an extra two weeks?
Because all you need is L(ots). O(f). V(arious). E(ateries)

Why were Scripps students forgetting their keys on Valentine’s Day?
To find the right person to swipe them in; love is an open door

Why were the outdoor classrooms enamored by the wind?
Because the wind truly blew them away and knocked them off their feet

Why did the Scripps student mention Music110B: Beethoven to Jazz in their dating profile?
Because they want to increase the enrollment in their heart

What did the Scripps student say to their Data Match date when it was time to leave?
I squirrel am glad you could make it — CMC you later!

Hopefully these puns were more heart-warming than heart-wrenching, and I hope you have a Valentine’s Day with a happy ending!

Image Source: Encyclopedia Brittanica