101 Things to Do Before You Graduate


Sarah Nunez-Lafontaine ’22 

In honor of the impending end of the semester, I (along with some very good friends) compiled a bucket list of all the things to do before that fateful day: graduation. Check off the boxes, or use this as a guide for how to spend Spring Semester to do list. The halfway point of the year will serve as a check to ensure that you and your friends are making the most of your college years.

  1. See the bonfires at Harvey Mudd and call 911
  2. Lose your underwear somewhere around the 5Cs 
  3. Get cuffed
  4. Don’t read any of the books for CORE
  5. Fill your dorm with candles, fairy lights, and any other banned items
  6. Get really into slacklining at Pitzer
  7. Fall in love with a hookup
  8. Host a beer pong tournament
  9. Go to toga
  10. Hate toga
  11. Steal the “T” balloon at toga
  12. Make a playlist about how lonely you are
  13. Question your sexuality 
  14. Decorate your dorm room a la CMC (with empty liquor bottles that you drank by yourself) 
  15. Get a job (good luck)
  16. Complain about the annoying couples on the dance floor who are making out
  17. Be a part of one of those annoying couples
  18. Pet a therapy dog
  19. Consider getting a therapy dog
  20. Actually get a therapy dog
  21. End an email to a professor with “I love you”
  22. Drop your Hydroflask in a crowded lecture hall
  23. Use a life-straw to drink the Cube water
  24. Accidentally end up in a long-term relationship
  25. Steal someone’s Motley drink by accident
  26. Steal someone’s Motley drink on purpose
  27. Get an STI test
  28. Get mono 
  29. Sign up for 20+ clubs at turf dinner, attend zero (0) meetings
  30. Buy, but never use, a skateboard
  31. Chase your tequila with Emergen-C
  32. Chase your Emergen-C with tequila
  33. Do the 5 Pees 5 times (5 Pees squared)
  34. Ride the bull at Wild Wild West
  35. Throw up in the Pitzer pool 
  36. Tell a stranger “Did you know this is where they filmed the ending to Bird Box?”
  37. Fall in love with a Pomona soft boi
  38. Grow to hate Pomona soft bois
  39. Almost burn your dorm down with a candle
  40. Cry in the Honnold-Mudd library
  41. Play drunk Twister
  42. Pull an all-nighter before a paper’s due date, and then complain when you get a B-
  43. Change your major
  44. Change it again
  45. Wonder whether a minor is even worth anything
  46. Get the worst hangover of your life
  47. Join a band
  48. Be the Yoko Ono of a band
  49. Pump before Pirate Party
  50. Spread hand foot and mouth disease
  51.  Join The Scripps Voice 
  52. Drink a Four Loko and secretly like it 
  53. Go on a date at all seven dining halls (yes, even Oldenborg)
  54. Fall in love with a professor 
  55. Get peed on at a party
  56. Do it on a ~twin xl~ 
  57. Catch someone having sex in the common room
  58. Go vegan for two weeks 
  59. Hotbox the Cube
  60. Try choking 
  61. Like choking
  62. Cry in office hours but walk out like nothing happened
  63. Go to the farmers market and accidentally buy $15 worth of cheese
  64. Develop strong opinions about which dining hall has the best chocolate chip cookie (it’s Collins)
  65. Eat your feelings at Jays Place
  66. Get eaten out at Jays Place
  67. Smoke weed and hate it 
  68. Smoke weed and love it 
  69. Run from the police after a 240 House party
  70. Drop acid
  71. Get inspiration for your thesis via your hallucinations 
  72. Move back into the Denver house
  73. Get back together with an ex 
  74. Date an entire friend group 
  75. Break up an entire friend group 
  76. Fall in love with your suitemate
  77. Realize you are “exactly like the other girls”
  78. Call a professor “daddy” by accident 
  79. Call a professor “daddy” on purpose
  80. Call camp sec for a ride just because you don’t feel like walking
  81. Get in a heated debate on the 5C meme queen FB page
  82. Develop at least one weird kink 
  83. Dye your hair and don’t tell your family until parents weekend
  84. See that one person you made out with once and thought you’d never see again way too often for it to be an accident
  85. Make a playlist with songs from the Motley
  86. Plan at least 3 LA excursions 
  87. Never go to LA
  88. Get a piercing at Laughing Buddha
  89. Claim you’re broke but go to Coachella with 7 of your best friends
  90. Put stickers over the alcoholic drinks in your Instagram posts so your parents don’t yell at you 
  91. Post all of your possessions on “5c for sale/for free” 
  92. Become sorely disappointed when no one wants to buy your crap
  93. Check co-star every day
  94. Flirt with someone by asking them for their co-star
  95. Try meditation
  96. Make a Tinder and instantly regret it
  97. Delete tinder and redownload it 3 times in one week
  98. Get a stick n poke tattoo
  99. Cry over thesis
  100. Continue to be asked if you’re a first year until the day you graduate 
  101. Graduate.

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