A Love Letter to Suite 232


Quincy Johnston ’24 and Angelina Astillero ’23
Staff Writers

The great love letters of history are written with unapologetic infatuation. This is our sappy love letter to the incredible souls we have spent the last few months with in our suite, enjoying every late night laugh, scheming conversation, and morning ballad. Totally smitten with the present, we see the future approaching too fast for us to comprehend. As half of us leave for jobs in the real world and to study abroad, we wanted to record our love for our tiny corner of the Scripps community within the archives.

Each of our suitemates has a one-of-a-kind sense of self and expresses it to the world through their personal style. This is our celebration of the people and place we love.

Mihika DeSouza ’24 is a person with simple fashion requirements. Her first priority is and always will be comfort. Always on the move but unmissable, she is striking in bright colors that match her loud personality. The classic DeSouza look includes a pair of knock-off Walmart converse, a necklace from her family that daintily points to her unshakable sense of self, and her eye-catching nails (done by @noratboz_13). Her style can be muted compared to her unabashed attitude, which inspires us to take advantage of every moment.

Aleecia Sharpe ’23 is an icon living. She instills intention into everything. She steps out of her curated room every morning, backlit by pink neon lights and in a haze of soothing essential oils. Armed with a shoe collection that could scare the shit out of any Claremont hypebeast, Sharpe casually weds bohemian pieces with edgy individuality. Gold waist beads. An underlined nameplate. Her introspective style encourages us to see the beauty in building our sense of self.

Simran Sachdeva ’23 is the queen of sarcasm, from her slipper collection that features cartoon sharks and unicorns to her ironic t-shirts reflecting the positive energy she brings into every situation. But even more ironic is her genuine love for cute preppy styles of headbands, cardigans, and tie tops. Topped off with meaningful delicate rose-gold jewelry and light perfume, even as she labels this as cringe, Sachdeva always reminds us to appreciate our natural contradictions.

Most of the time we spot Mika Sacré ’24 sporting cozy sweats and a baseball cap. But when she decides to show out, she doesn’t play games. She is the perfect embodiment of zero or a hundred — no in between. Sacré once told us the only way she will listen in class is if she is dressed to the nines, with a full face of makeup and a flawlessly stylized fit. Her style is intelligently matter-of-fact and hints at the things she loves; Formula 1 racing hats, baseball gear, and coke zero product placement.

Quincy Johnston ’24 is our in-house flea market queen and style advisor. Every day she surprises us with the perfect union of mix-matched patterns, chunky silver jewelry, and eccentric footwear. Her style lies in her confidence to assemble a simultaneously bold and funky combination of pieces that embody her distinctive look. Colorful clashing socks and an exceptional collection of cowboy hats serve as the foundation for a never-ending wardrobe of one-of-a-kind t-shirts and thrifted treasures. Johnston’s confidence is contagious and pushes us all to explore our individual fashion.

Angelina Astillero ’23 is, simply put, fucking cool. Her style tells a narrative of self that makes you feel like you are being let in on a well-kept secret. She combines the perfectly fitting baggy jeans of a seasoned snowboarder chick, the Adidas sambas of a New York City girl, the hidden placement of a dancer’s past, and the boxy silhouette of a Danish summer. Four years ahead of any trend we could attempt to predict, Astillero employs the wildest sunglasses and classic bandanas to exude her vision of the fashion future that emboldens us all to want to keep up with her.

When we started this article, we wanted to embrace sentimentality for our preemptive nostalgia. Thank you for embracing our partially cringy desire to preserve this moment in time and record what it means to watch your college years slowly slip out of your grasp.

Image Source: Quincy Johnston ’24 & Angelina Astillero ’23

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