A Scripps Student’s Guide to Flex and Claremont Cash

Cecelia Blum ’24
Staff Writer

The nature of orientation this year has left many new and returning students with questions regarding various aspects of campus life. One common question, among many about campus dining, is about Flex Dollars and Claremont Cash. What are they? What is the difference? And most importantly, where can I spend them?

The primary difference between Claremont Cash and Flex Dollars is how they are acquired. Flex Dollars (also called Board Plus) are included in the meal plan, and the amount of Flex depends on the meal plan. The 19-meal plan comes with $190 flex dollars per semester, the 16-meal plan comes with $160 flex dollars per semester, and the 12-meal plan comes with $120 flex dollars per semester. Flex Dollars do not roll over from one semester to the next, so any surplus flex will go to waste if not used by the end of the semester.

Claremont Cash, on the other hand, is not included with a meal plan, and must be added to your account by you or another party, such as a parent. Claremont Cash will remain in your account until graduation, and you can withdraw at any time. You can add money online or via phone for a $1 fee (https://cards.services.claremont.edu/ or (909) 607-2273). If you want to avoid the fee, you can add money by visiting the Connection at Honnold-Mudd.

You are likely familiar with Claremont Cash, since it is the only way to pay for laundry on campus. What you may not know is that you can also spend Claremont Cash at any location on campus, including the Scripps Store, and at many off campus locations as well. These retailers include: 42nd Street Bagel, Domino’s Pizza on Foothill Blvd, Hendricks Pharmacy, Jamba Juice, Legends Burgers, Pizza ‘n Such, Round Table Pizza, Some Crust Bakery, Wolfe’s Market, and Z Pizza. So pizza lovers, you’re in luck.

Flex Dollars can only be spent around the 5Cs, and due to our limited dining options this year, they can technically only be used at two places — Malott Commons and the HMC Café (also called MuddBucks). You can use Flex at Malott in the event that you run out of meal swipes, you can swipe in for the cost of a few Flex Dollars, depending on the meal.

In pre-pandemic times, Scripps students could use flex dollars at all of the undergraduate dining halls, as well as 5C retail locations such as The Scripps Store and the Coop, and at other 5C dining locations, such as Jay’s Place, Pit Stop, and the Hub. When cross-campus dining is reinstated and the Motley opens, students will be able to use Flex Dollars there as well. To use Flex Dollars, simply hand the cashier your card and tell them you want to pay with Flex. Remember, we only have about seven weeks left in the semester, so if you haven’t already- get to spending, and keep your fingers crossed for the return of the Motley.

Image Source: Daily Bulletin