A Visit to The Scripps Store: The 10ft x 10ft Beating Heart of Scripps College


Clare Reimers-Hejnal ’26
Staff Writer

Between housing selection suspense and presidential uncertainties, life as a Scripps student has felt a bit chaotic recently. Yet, there’s one thing you can always count on: the knowledge that the Scripps Store is the superior 5C merch vendor.

Sure, each of the 5Cs offers its own ways for students to buy school merch, and students of the other schools might show a preference for their own school’s logo. However, the apparel selection, the location right off Seal Court, and the comically small size of the Scripps Store makes it irresistible.

For this reason, I recently ventured in to review some of the incredible goods offered for purchase in the Scripps Store. It’s probably best that I was the only shopper there, or it might have gotten a bit crowded.

Without further ado, here is my entirely-subjective rating of some of the most notable offerings in the Scripps Store.

Scripps College Youth Tee ($12)
For those looking to sport the baby tee look, this is perfect. Coming in at a size Youth Medium, this shirt is literally made for a child. There were only a couple left when I visited The Scripps Store, so hurry while supplies last!
Rating: 9/10

Scripps College Squirrels ($14)
I’m such a big fan of these guys. Something about their cold, dead button eyes and the way they’re arranged on the shelf is just as adorably menacing as the real Claremont squirrels. Excellent job.
Rating: 11/10

Scripps College Desk Clock ($20)
Why do we sell this? Was there actually a demand for Scripps- branded roman numeral desk clocks? I really doubt it. “I have never sold one of those clocks,” said a source at The Scripps Store who wishes to remain anonymous.
Rating: 0/10

Scripps College Crewneck ($35)
This is a great example of a classic college sweatshirt. Perfect for aspiring future students, alumni, and everyone in between. Yet, it also feels like it’s lacking the originality that seems so essential to the collective Scripps fashion sense. Despite the simplicity, it’s still a great sweatshirt, and it definitely gets bonus points for the tie-dye potential.
Rating: 8/10

Scripps College Long Sleeve Tee ($20)
I really wanted to like this shirt. It’s a good basic and looks comfy. However, those sleeve stripes remind me a little too much of something that would be sold in the Justice store at my local mall. For that fact alone I cannot support it.
Rating: 4/10

Scripps College Graphic Mug ($12)
My mom has this mug. She loves it. I cannot speak to its popularity among consumers under the age of 50.
Rating: 7/10

Carabiners ($3)
Yes. Yes, for many (many!!) reasons. Truly a Scripps College essential.
Rating: 12/10

Scripps Parent Quarter-Zip ($45)
Who doesn’t love a quarter-zip? They are simple, cozy, and the gray and green go with everything. For every Scripps parent who’s been gifted this sweatshirt or bought it for themselves, you look lovely.
Rating: 10/10

Incipit Vita Nova Scripps Sweats
A controversial choice for The Scripps Store; I think you either love or hate the butt decal. Personally, I love it.
Rating: 9/10

Scripps College Shot Glass ($10)
The fact that all of our shot glasses reference Wednesday Tea feels very appropriate
Rating: 10/10

Scripps College Signature Underwear
The Incipit Vita No Pants Underwear: gone from The Scripps Store but in our hearts and memories forever. We can only hope that they’ll come back to us one day.
Rating: 100/10

Image Source: Clare Reimers-Hejnal ’26

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