About Us


The Scripps Voice is Scripps College’s bimonthly student newspaper. It serves as a forum for news and opinions within the Claremont Colleges (5C) community. Any and all 5C students and faculty are encouraged to write for us, although managerial and editorial positions are reserved for Scripps students. We currently have 25 people on staff, but the staff ranges anywhere from 20-30 people per year.

Scripps College’s founder and namesake, Ellen Browning Scripps, was herself a journalist during the 1860s and 1870s. Ellen Browning Scripps wrote for The Detroit Tribune and The Detroit Evening News in college and after graduating, and her daily columns ranged from news snippets to suffragette appeals. Her radical feminist lens made her a prominent female icon in the journalism industry and beyond.

The 2017-2018 academic year marks The Scripps Voice‘s twenty first year of publication.

Our Vision

Our hope and vision is that The Scripps Voice, in print and online, will serve the Scripps College community as a public forum for student expression, be it in written, video, image, or commenting form. Additionally, we want to be a news resource to the community, that provides accurate and relevant reporting about important events and issues on campus. In allowing students to voice their opinions through whatever media desired, we hope a larger community can assemble that can learn and interact with the unique type of feminist discourse that can be found at a Women’s College in the 21st century.

Our Motto

“Uncompromising commitment to inclusivity and justice”

Mission Statement

The Scripps Voice hopes to continue the tradition of outspoken feminist journalism that our school’s namesake was notorious for, while adjusting our feminist lens for a newer, more intersectional era.

More than a paper promoting neutrality and objectivity, we want to be a platform for radical voices, creative perspectives, marginalized identities, and uncompromising activism. Student journalism is crucial in today’s social and political climate and want to be leading the movement towards truth and justice.

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