Admitted Students DIVE Into the Waters of Scripps


Belen Yudess ’25
Staff Writer

The 2023 Scripps DIVE program occurred in concurrence with Admitted Students Day from April 20-22. During this overnight program, current students had the opportunity to meet prospective Scrippsies and share their experiences through an in-person setting.

DIVE is a fly-in program for BIPOC and first generation admitted students that allows them to explore the campus, meet with current students, and connect with future peers. Students are housed at the Sheraton Fairplex and are provided with fully-funded meals and transportation.

The program is run by student volunteers under the leadership of admission counselors Lyanne Dominguez ’13 and Mariangelica Valle. Structured events included lunch with members of the Scripps community, SCORE after hours, student panels, and a trip to the Los Angeles Farmers Market, as well as other Scripps activities that were happening the same weekend such as Levitt on the Lawn and the Sustainability Fair.

Charlee Mays ’26 was able to answer prospective students’ questions over lunch upon their arrival to campus on April 20. “It was really casual and felt like I was eating with friends since they were allowed to eat food from the dining hall and we all just sat in a large group on Bowling Green and enjoyed the warm, sunny weather,” she said.

Student volunteer Reyna Kleemeier ’26 hopes having these conversations will assist DIVE students with the transition to college life she experienced coming to Scripps. “I volunteered at the SCORE after hours to give my experience to students while also sharing my transition from attending a predominantly hispanic community to a PWI,” Kleemeier said.

Bella Guizler-Bonilla ’26 also participated in SCORE after hours, and emphasized her excitement about the interpersonal conversations that the event facilitated. “I was able to talk and get to know other students on a more personal level,” she said. “It was such a nice vibe to hang out with these folks and get to talk to them about the college experience in a much more relaxed and unfiltered setting.”

DIVE is meant to empower BIPOC, first generation, and minority admitted students to find and foster a support system prior to their arrival at Scripps in order to ease the adjustment onto campus. This program is rooted in current student’s enthusiasm and desire to be a part of these support teams, a chance that meant a lot to Guizler-Bonilla.

“I had fond memories of when I did the DIVE program last year, and I even met one of my closest friends there,” Guizler-Bonilla said. “So when I heard that they were doing it again this year, I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer in any way that I could.”

Admitted student and DIVE participant Savannah Ramirez ’27 felt similarly to student volunteers. “DIVE really reinforces the close knit community that is fostered at Scripps,” she said. “It gives students a chance to connect with Scripps and really get a feel for what the campus atmosphere and school is like.”

Although DIVE has several important implications, Guizler-Bonilla believes that its most valuable attribute is giving admitted students an opportunity to visit campus. “Many times, these students don’t have an easy way to tour their colleges or don’t have the support of other relatives to help with the college process,” she said. “Having this program in place has helped hundreds of students with their college process, even if that means that they don’t end up at Scripps. This program can be a life-changer in more ways than one.”

Image Source: Corina Silverstein ’25

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