I was always taught that two forms of birth control is best. But now I have the IUD and I want to know if it would be irresponsible to skip the condom if both my partner and I have been tested for diseases and infections. Is it risky?

Hey Anonymous!
So the reason they teach you that two forms of birth control is best is because dual method use offers protection against both pregnancy and STIs. This is an important message to promote, especially in health education, as too many people are unaware that barrier methods are the ONLY contraceptive methods that protect against STIs, and any other method will not protect you from them. Now, in your situation since you both have been tested and I am assuming you and your partner aren’t seeing other people, (if this is not the case then I would suggest staying with dual method use) then I would say it is not irresponsible to skip the condom. The IUD -as well as the implant- are the most effective reversible contraceptives available, both have failure rates of less than 1%. So as long as you know there is no risk of STI’s, I would say go for it! just remember to do a regular string check every once in a while.

My vagina tightens up every time i have penetrative sex!! sometimes so tight that nothing can enter- help!!
Closed door

Hey ‘closed door’!
I think this sounds like a condition called vaginismus- which is basically an involuntary spasm of your pelvic floor muscles when attempting penetration, usually due to a combination of emotional factors (such as anxiety) and physiological factors. This is completely treatable, but the bottom line is you should see a medical professional to rule out anything else that could be more serious (such as an anatomical problem). The physician will probably question such as ‘have you had success with penetrative sex in the past and recently this has become a problem’ or ‘have you ever used tampons and had problems with insertion’. Again, this is super treatable- usually involves a combination of physical exercises you can complete and some more emotional exercises/therapy. I am so glad you took the time to ask this question, seek help soon and you will be able to return to a healthy (and more pleasurable) sex life!

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