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By Anna Mitchell ’22   I am stretched out horizontal on my bed my heavy body pressing into the forgiving heap of
November 2, 2018

Valentine’s Puns

Belen Yudess ’25 Social Media Manager Love and mid-semester grades are in the air, meaning one thing and one thing only: Valentine’s
February 16, 2023

I See Where It’s Coming From

Belen Yudess ’25 Social Media Manager There are feelings that are indescribable. Not because they’re beautiful, but because they’re undesirable. I never
February 16, 2023

Leather Coat Sale

Rebecca Allen ‘25 Staff Writer We walked around With iced drinks in The breezy Californian winter: I thought of When we danced
February 16, 2023


you don’t think about ME, but you are on MY mind every time I walk outside every time I meet someone new
November 18, 2022


Aviva Maxon ‘24 Staff Writer Home and longing Somehow always lead me back to thinking of you And wondering When we will
October 28, 2022

If nothing

Rebecca Allen ’25 Staff Writer If nothing means anything Then maybe the river Is the answer, maybe The bikers and the joggers
October 28, 2022

The Eluding Nature of Peace

Anne Friedman ’25 Staff Writer Alistair liked most evenings, especially in the winter. Darkness would descend, the earlier the better, leaving him
October 28, 2022

Lego Stepped on Me

Ellen Hu ’24 Editor-in-Chief A month ago I was stranded in the middle of Jutland (mainland Denmark), stress-eating a pizza at the
October 28, 2022

Rebecca Allen ’25 Staff Writer Sometimes I dream Of getting in The car, Turning on the ignition, No destination in mind, And
April 28, 2022

A Meditation

Aviva Maxon ’24 Staff Writer You breathe in And hold your breath until your head, starts to float, Then out You breathe
April 28, 2022

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