Valentine’s Puns

Belen Yudess ’25
Social Media Manager

Love and mid-semester grades are in the air, meaning one thing and one thing only: Valentine’s Day is approaching! Whether or not you have been struck by Cupid’s arrow this year, you will be struck with another round of my catastrophically crush-ing puns. These puns are just like a classic Valentine’s Day rom-com — you know you shouldn’t engage, but if you do it’s with a bag of chocolate and a side of pitiful laughter!

Why did the Motley staff receive Valentine’s cards in the shape of Seal Court?
– Because it’s the heart of Scripps

Which candy was Professor Novy’s Core students’ favorite?
– Herschel’s [@herschel_lacat] kisses

Which song do Mudders use to serenade Scrippsies on Valentine’s Day?
– My Hoch Will Go On

Where did Cecil the Sagehen ask the Stag to meet for their bro-mantic Valentine date?
– In the Pit-sir

When did the Scripps squirrel know they were in love with the Pomona squirrel?
– Every time they Seaver running by

Why was Nina Howe-Goldstein ’25 (our swell satirical writer) responsible for setting the Dorsey fire alarm off at 2am?
– Because her smile lit up the room!!

What did one Motley barista say to her astonishing Motley coworker?
– You’re just my cup of tea! (Pun brought to you by Aidan Trulove ’24)

If you got through these heartbreakingly horrible puns, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!
– The Hub and kisses!

Image Source: @herschel_lacat on Instagram