Find Your Cup of Tea (or Coffee): A Review of Claremont Cafes

Aya Burton ’22
Staff Writer

Ran out of flex, tried all the beverages that the Motley has to offer, or simply seeking the best place to buy loose-leaf tea or get your coffee fix? Claremont has a whole host of cafes and coffee shops to choose from; the problem is selecting which one is the best fit for you. Rather than waste precious time and money testing chai lattes at every cafe in the village, read on for a comprehensive review of tea and coffee shops in Claremont.

Augie’s Coffee House
A favorite among students, Augie’s, located in Claremont’s Packing House, offers a great selection of drinks, pastries, and even ice cream. Although its noise levels tend to be high, Augie’s is a popular place to study and has seating inside and outside. Students can choose to set down their laptops at big, long tables or high, bar-style tables. Renowned for their lattes, Augie’s most popular drink is the lavender vanilla latte, sweetened with honey.
Rating: 4.5/5

CK Cafe
Hidden from main street traffic, CK Cafe is less mainstream and a little more rustic than other cafes in Claremont. Enter to find a mountain of mason jars filled with classic and more unique loose-leaf teas, stacked and ordered depending on tea type. The herbal, green, and blooming fruit teas are the most popular and are even labeled with their health benefits. Grab your pick and bring it to the cashier, where it will be brewed to perfection and sweetened if you so desire. Plush chairs and a spacious room make it a comfortable place to work, although it might be considered a little grungy and worn-down compared to other cafes.
Rating: 4/5

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Craving consistency but looking for something a little bit different from your basic Starbucks? The Coffee Bean is a chain that feels a little more local and can whip you up an Americano or blended beverage that will be sure to satisfy your longing for caffeine. Stocked with plenty of outlets and offering seating at bar stools, tables, and comfy chairs, it’s the perfect place to study. The outdoor seating by the fountain is another bonus.
Rating: 3.5/5

Tocaja offers a mouthwatering selection of teas, which can be prepared either hot or iced. Their specials are sure to delight and you can add boba or lychee for a small additional fee. I recommend one of their iced herbal fruity teas, like the “Hot Pink” (hibiscus, mint, and strawberry,) which are especially refreshing on a hot day. Bring along a book or maybe a friend or two – although quite small, it’s a charming place to spend some time and they decorate for holidays!
Rating: 5/5

T & Joy
Looking to satiate your sweet tooth with boba tea? T & Joy is located super close to Pomona’s campus and offers a wide selection of flavors. A bit bored of boba, but seeking another cooling and decadent drink? T & Joy also makes great fruit smoothies that are icy, thick, and almost slushy-like in consistency. Although fairly small inside, there are a good number of tables and the quiet music makes it a nice place to study. They also offer bento boxes and small meals/snacks on their menu in case you get hungry.
Rating: 4.5/5

If the Mudd cafe happens to be closed and you absolutely cannot even begin to think about starting your 15-page paper that’s due in 6 hours before getting your caramel Frappuccino with almond milk and extra caramel, Starbucks is always there for you, located right on Foothill Boulevard.
Rating: 3/5