Furniture Removal Requests Being Accepted Again


By Annika Ragnartz ’22
Staff Writer

According to the Scripps Guide to Student Life, any piece of furniture that the college has provided can be removed at no additional charge to the student.
In past semesters, this policy has applied as long as students complete a Furniture Removal Request Form by the designated deadline. However, at the beginning of this semester, students who put in a request were informed that Facilities had run out of available storage space and therefore could not remove any furniture, regardless of the reason for the request.

Students who returned from studying abroad, and those whose housing assignments had changed since fall semester, were particularly impacted by this policy change.

Emma Waldspurger ’20 returned from studying abroad and read on Facebook that ResLife was no longer able to fulfill requests. In past semesters, Waldspurger had her bed removed in order to replace it with a queen size bed and was expecting to do the same this semester. She contacted ResLife and was told that they couldn’t fulfill her requests due to a lack of space and directed her to Academic Resources and Services (ARS).

“I contacted ARS and they said that there was nothing they could do, our hands are tied except if you go and get a therapist note saying that you need this for therapy reasons.” Waldspurger said. “I thought that was kind of ridiculous since everyone used to be able to do that with no problem.”

Waldspurger, with the support of other students, emailed President Lara Tiedens to ask for a change to be made and for requests to be ful-filled. Since then, Facilities has been able to find additional space and furniture is now being removed.

According to Assistant Dean and Director of Campus Life Brenda Ice, “Requests have been prioritized, beginning with students who have new housing assignments for the spring semester. Requests submitted by current students returning to their fall housing assignment will be processed after the new student requests have been completed,” Ice said.

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