Goodbye Garb: A Look-Book


Maddie Moore ’22
Fashion Columnist

You’re invited to a big party in two weeks. The dress code: saying goodbye.

Here are some of my very best friends (who I’ll be hugging very tight) and what they’ll be wearing for graduation:

Jess Maurice ’22

“I wanted a look that felt comfortable and breathable. I feel very sentimental going into graduation so I made sure to find something I could celebrate in and cry in that also didn’t clash with the green gown.”

Uma Nagarajan-Swenson ’22

“For some reason this feels like prom even though I know I will be covered up the whole time so really I should be worried about what shoes I’m gonna wear instead.”

Lily Lucas ’22

“I wanted to wear something light that would keep me comfortable in the heat, as well as something that would incorporate spring colors. When I saw this dress I loved the floral pattern and the colors, and I’m hoping the green leaves will match our gowns too!”

Kendall Lowery ’22

“My graduation dress had to fulfill two key criteria: it couldn’t clash with our green gowns, and it had to withstand Claremont summer weather. This fit checks all the boxes! My dress is loose-fitting and has a low, open back for maximum breathability. But honestly, after seeing its green and white color scheme, I was sold.”

Maddie Moore ’22

“Saying goodbye to your home of four years is quite the occasion. Why not dress like a princess for it?”

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