Halloween Hilarities


Belen Yudess ’25
Staff Writer

Are you looking for a way to tickle your funny bone this Halloween? Check out these seven spooktacular jokes that are sure to scare up a laugh!

Q: What food did Frankenstein eat to comfort himself when he caught the Scripps cold?
A: Monster mash-ed potatoes with grave-y

Q: What kind of cheese did the witch ask the 5C student-run grilled cheese business, Munch, to use on her grilled cheese?
A: Monster-ella

Q: Why did the ghost struggle to write their Core question?
A: Because they could not phantom what the reading was about

Q: Why did the Grimm Reaper love brunch at Mallot?
A: Because the açaí bowls are to die for

Q: Why couldn’t the skeleton go swimming at Tiernan?
A: Because the water chilled her to the bone

Q: Why were the Keck students scared to learn about protons, neutrons and electrons?
A: Because they were afraid to meet the Atom’s family *snap snap*

Q: Which dorm was the abominable snow monster’s favorite?
A: Kim-Burrr-ley

Hopefully these jokes weren’t too terror-ble and sent a shiver down your spine! Happy Halloween and #scrippsspookyseason!

Image Source: Board & Brush

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