Heartmend Spell (or, Sadlibs)


AJ Jolish ’25
Staff Writer

Make sure it has been at least _____ (number of minutes)
since the moment of the wreckage. Take a shallow breath. Heave a shallow sigh.
Feel _____ (emotion, productive) even though you will not want to.
Resist the urge to _____ (verb, unproductive) even though it will be so very tempting.
Remember _____ (memory, fond). Don’t remember _____ (memory, unfond).
Make a list. Make _____ (your favorite food). Make your bed.
Make up a different world where this never happened. Then unmake it.

Listen to _____ (your favorite song). Listen to _____ (advice, well-meaning).
Try _____ (home remedy). Try _____ (sport you’ve never liked). Try _____ (religion). Try
again. If you call _____ (past love), hang up
after the _____ (ordinal number) ring. Don’t think about rings.

Start _____ (something you’ve always wanted to do).
Act like _____ (someone you’ve always wanted to be).
Remember _____ (a dream from your past).
Imagine _____ (a dream for your future).
Make sure to say the magic words:
____ ________ ______

Image Source: The Boar

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