Issue 6 Crossword!

March 3, 2024
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2. Memoir following a woman’s journey of mourning her mother’s death and hiking the Pacific Crest Trail 3. Written by a badass woman writer during a one- night-only writing challenge and features a popular monster (and the monster’s
5. Classic novel following the courtship of the Bennet sisters
6. ‘I speak for the trees’
7. Shel Silverstein short story about kindness and friendship
10. Queer romantic comedy about two women, one of whom is stuck in time on the NYC Q train, written by an author also known for n
12. Features a dystopian society without color, emotions, or memories of the past
13. Novel following Stanley Yelnats at a boys correctional facility, Camp Green Lak
14. The 2023 addition to the Riordan-verse
16. 2023 memoir by notable transgender Canadian actor
17. 1985 novel set in a dystopian near-future following Offred
18. Fictional British protagonist known for his incredible ability to solve crimes
19. French novel following a boy learning about the world, even though the cover often depicts him standing among the stars

1. Big Brother is watching
2. Children’s novel following Auggie Pullman, a kid with Treacher Collins syndrome, as he starts the 5th grade after previously
4. Graphic novel and memoir recounting growing up during the Islamic Revolution in Iran
8. Memoir by comedian, SNL alum and creator of sitcom Parks and Recreation
9. Graphic novel chronicles author’s father’s experience of the Holocaust; found in abundance in the Scripps browsing rooms
11. 2010s series about sparkling vampires
15. Bilbo and Sam have to leave the shire to destroy the ring

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