Lunchtime Special: How Scrippsies Serve at Malott


Angelina Astillero ‘23 and Quincy Johnston ‘24
Staff Writers

Hi everyone! Our names are Angelina and Quincy, and we are this year’s fashion columnists! As big fans of Maddie Moore ’22, the pink princess herself @maddieshortcake, we wanted to continue showcasing the unmatched joyful fashion of Scripps College.

A typical uniform on most college campuses best resembles the disheveled look of an exhausted student. But at Scripps, every day is a fashion show, and even sweatpants and pajamas are somehow made to look hot.

We have always admired the individuality and attention to detail Scripps students put into each outfit. From all the handmade earrings to expressive hair stylings, Scripps is a community where authenticity and creative exploration thrive.

Because procrastination is the name of the game, our two-week-long project documenting the best of Scripps fashion quickly became a last-minute scramble at a single Malott lunch to find fits for our first article. So, on the last day of our article’s deadline, we set out to find all the jorts, long skirts, and vintage tops that define atypical Scripps fashion.

First on the catwalk was none other than Mia Fenyak ’25. The birthday queen of the hour, Fenyak humbly accepted her title of best dressed for her essential Dansko purple clogs, perfectly tailored floral a-line skirt, and matching tank. Her glass soldered earrings from @jwc.glance repped the student pride that always seems to spill out of the Motley into Seal Court.

Heading into Mallot, we ran into our suitemate/soulmate and favorite fashion icon, Aleecia Sharpe ’23. When we asked to get a photo of her, she broke into laughter, “Y’all like this?!” Sharpe was sporting low-rise camo cargo pants, a cutoff buttoned sweater, and handmade waist beads, accessorized with white Birkenstocks that she insisted we crop out of the final photo. When asked who inspires her style, Aleecia responded without hesitation, “the POC on our campus.”

“I think it’s about embracing identity because there’s not a lot of representation of POC communities here. So when we step out, it’s special.”

Next, we stepped in front of Emily Brainerd ’26 on their way into Malott, pleading for an explanation of their foolproof pairing of a green fur-lined vest with a classic headphone/sunglasses combo. One of Brainerd’s friends saw us interrogating them and couldn’t help but join in to poke fun at their choice of a vest in 85 degree weather. Brainerd’s counter: “’Cause it’s sick.” Brainerd walked us through the story of their thrifted men’s cargo pants that paired with the staple Scripps tote bag.

“What I noticed when I first came here is how people played with masculine versus feminine silhouettes,” they said, reflecting on their first month at Scripps. “Lots of basketball shorts. Lots of cargo shorts.”

As we took a quick break from our intense grind to eat lunch, we peered over at the students next to us wearing their rendition of a quintessential Scripps trend: long comfy skirts. Maiah Oyekanmi ’26 and Alicia Robadey ’26 matched adorably with black converse, dangling earrings, and this iconic hot weather look. Both revealed the stories behind their mismatched earrings and hand me down skirts. One of Robadey’s earrings was recently bought at the Motley, while the other she had created at Mudd’s Makerspace. Oyekanmi showed off her mother’s white skirt, which she had once mocked before proceeding to steal for her own closet.

As the lunch rush died down, we spotted the last fit we wanted — nay needed — to highlight. Ari Daniels ’23 was rocking a pair of cutoff knee-length jorts held up with a vinted black belt, finished off with hiking boots. After tragically clarifying that we were not their style icons (it’s okay Ari, you’re still ours), we laughed our way through the interview.

We love the outfits on this campus, even if it means we get out dressed every day. If you made it this far, we are sending love your way, and if you see us on campus, please say hi and let us take awkward photos of your outfit.


Two Material Gworls
Ang + Quincy (insta: quincy_johnston)

Image Source: Angelina Astillero ‘23 and Quincy Johnston ‘24

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