“Malott Got Good?”

Kendall Lowery ’22
Sept. 26, Vol. XXIX, Issue 1

Whether you’ve caught a whiff of some freshly baked cookies, snacked on a specialty tossed salad or had the good fortune to stumble upon the kombucha and cold brew on tap, it’s clear that change is afoot at Malott this semester. But along with these new improvements have come countless questions ranging from the pasta line procedure to whether or not the rumors are true that “Malott got good.” Thus, I took it upon myself to ask Malott’s new General Manager, Garrick Hisamoto, a few questions about the new modifications to the Scripps dining hall.

Though this is Hisamoto’s first year as General Manager, he has served students at the dining hall as a chef for seven years and has stepped into his new role with a clear mission to maximize the resources at Malott’s disposal. “I wanted to bring some ideas and changes to the dining hall to showcase the talent that Scripps has here in dining services,” Hisamoto said. “I have been here as the chef for the past seven years and have been able to bring many ideas and flavors to Malott… Now, with the help of our new chef Francisco Ramirez and our new Sous Chef Jeannine Nava, along with our awesome management team of Steve Rosenburg, Rebecca Mejia, Cruz Leyva—and of course we can’t forget Beth Garvin, our new administrative assistant (formerly Scripps’ favorite cashier)—we are in a position to make even bigger changes and take the dining hall to new heights.”

You’ve probably heard the buzz around the 5Cs about some of these shifts (namely, those focused around fresh-baked-cookie consumption strategies), but the planned revamp for this year includes much more than Malott’s food.

“A few things coming are Friday game nights featuring games like cornhole, giant Jenga, giant Connect Four, spike ball, bingo/loteria night on Wednesdays, weigh the waste events, low carbon meals, food drives, and more,” Hisamoto said.

Along with the planned event additions, the staff has plans for significant changes to the dining menu as well. “We have also started making smoothies at breakfast, revamped our bunch menu to include our new ‘Power Bowls,’ which are grain bowls that guests can customize with featured mix-ins, and items such as avocado toast and breakfast bowls will be rotated in on the menu,” said Hisamoto.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to shed much light on the enigma that is the kombucha and cold brew schedule; however, Hisamoto noted efforts to increase the drinks’ availability.

“We try to put the drinks out two to three times per week, and they will be available on the weekends. We’re still figuring out the usage, so there may be times that they’re not available due to shortages. We’re working on reducing downtime as much as possible,” Hisamoto said.

I suppose we’ll have to navigate the changes as they come–but here’s to hoping that we can successfully navigate the lines that come with them.

If you want information first hand on upcoming events and kombucha appearances, you can check out Malott’s Instagram @malottdining or text “scrippseats” to 82257 for updates.