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Belen Yudess ’25
Social Media Manager

Even though many students identify room draw and course selection as the most Toll-ing time of the year, I’m here to turn your frown upside-Browning! Whether you’re frantically PERMing into a GE requirement as a Senior or Schow-ering potential doubles with your friends, here a few puns that Wilbur sillier than a 2:30 registration time!

Why should you not play Uno when registering for classes on the Scripps portal?
Because if it sees the reverse card, it’s going to freak out (NEVER PRESS THE REVERSE BUTTON!)

Which book did ResLife recommend as a fun summer reading activity?
A [Gabrielle-Junglers] Winkle in time

How do students who choose to live off-campus celebrate this decision?
CC-yAy! (Thank you to Aviva Maxon ’24 for the brainstorming assistance!)
For students who aren’t Keen (too soon?) on this placement: CC-nAy

How do you move your mini-fridge onto the third floor of Froutt (#1 Froutt fan)?
You Duo-Push it up the stairs

What is the real reason English majors take British Literature?
For the Prakas requirement! (shout-out to the Pitzer Praxis G.E. for inspiration!)

Hopefully these carefully Core-rated puns weren’t to Clark-ed full of corniness! I wish you all a happy and healthy room draw and course selection and urge you to Revelle in the fact that you are almost done with the semester!

Image Source: Scripps College

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