Scripps Housing Puns


Belen Yudess ’25
Social Media Manager

Clark your calendars, because room selection is upon us! If creating roommate groups and choosing dorms are taking a Toll on you, here are some puns to inspire a Revelle-ation about your ideal living situation!

Which dorm did Lightning McQueen recommend to speedy Scripps students?
– Ka-Schow

Why do Scripps squirrels take pride in scaring students?
– Because it is their Browning moment

Why were *Scrippsies only* camping out in front of Malott?
– To ensure they Wilbur there before the pineapple dole whip runs out

How did the Scripps student explain where the exit to Malott was to the CMCer?
– There’s the Dor-sey?

Don’t Froutt about this process and remember that I believe in GJW-you!

Image Source: Scripps College

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