Set Up and Strike: A Snapshot of Kevin Mullis


Belén Yudess ’25

Copy Editor Intern


What do Screen on the Green, a classroom tech visit, and a Board of Trustees meeting have in common? Each of these events relies on the quiet and valuable leadership of Kevin Mullis. Mullis, who currently serves as a Media Services Technician, has been an integral part of the Scripps community since Sept. 5, 2017, beginning his career in the Information Technology (IT) office before transitioning to Events, then Marketing and Communication. Now, Mullis spends his days installing new laser projectors and AV switchers, updating and repairing equipment, and troubleshooting. On top of providing an essential service on campus, his passion for the job and compassion toward the student body, faculty, and staff make an undeniable impact.

Born and raised in Upland, Mullis has always had a strong connection with the Claremont Colleges and southern California. His mom worked as a secretary at Pomona College while other members of his family worked in the landscaping business, which included demolition and digging up pools in the Los Angeles area. Mullis stated that this job taught him to appreciate those who work in physical labor, especially his current colleagues. Although Mullis enjoyed this gig, he decided to seek out his original IT job at Scripps after becoming interested in tech during his run as a technician for an advanced production class at Upland High School. “When I found out I got hired [for this job], I was sitting six feet underground in a dug swimming pool,” he said.

Mullis’ role has changed over the years as he adapted to the technological and management needs of different situations. This includes ensuring the smooth operation of alumni reunions, Office of Student Engagement (OSE) events, Board of Trustees meetings, everyday classroom checks, and one of his personal favorites: Camp Scripps. Mullis performs a handful of duties to secure the success of these activities, yet he has a humble mindset regarding his contributions. “We go out and do set-ups and strikes … if everything goes like it’s supposed to, you go unnoticed.” 

Although Mullis’ knowledge is apparent in every in-person event that “goes off without a hitch,” the extent of his abilities was especially apparent during the pandemic. “When it came to programming and events, it was virtual,” he said. “We dealt with celebrities virtually [such as] Stanley Tucci and Bowen Yang, [hosted] cooking workshops, and virtual capstone which included simultaneous sessions. When you’re running a program virtually it’s easier but it’s not. When it’s virtual, it’s one feed, everyone is staring at the webinar being shared; it was like we were running a live broadcast — that was a fun time.” 

Aside from his own responsibilities, Mullis has also played a crucial role in shaping the experiences of the students who work in Media Services. “We get the students trained enough to handle the office clerical work, support faculty, and assist with events,” he said. “[We want] the job to be something [students] can look back on, and it makes me feel great that I helped a student learn a skill that they are using in their career now.” 

Mullis’ dedication to his student staff did not go unnoticed. “I greatly enjoyed working with Kevin as he was always willing to show me how to do various technological set-ups and troubleshoot audio and video equipment problems,” former Media Services intern Olina Wong ’23 said.

Mullis has been a star performer behind the scenes but has also had the opportunity to shine on screen as well. “I got to work with Sandra Bullock directly,” Mullis said in regard to his stunt in the 2018 Netflix original film Bird Box, the final scene of which was filmed in Balch Courtyard. “The college sent out an email asking if any faculty or students wanted to be an extra in the movie. I was the gatekeeper when they got to the School of the Blind. [While we were filming] Sandra Bullock came out and was like, ‘Nice to meet you,’ and I was #starstruck. [I also helped] tie the shoes of the kids that came out [in the movie]. [Although] the gatekeeper was scratched, I am in the background of that following scene … for a split second.”

Apart from troubleshooting, Mullis also enjoys eating spaghetti, repairing and selling motorized vehicles, the color green, and caring for his large array of pets, ranging from dogs and cats to lizards and birds. Two of his ongoing goals are to learn Spanish and Italian, as well as master the piano. Along with his outside interests, Mullis also has a fascination with Scripps’ history. “I really appreciate the history at Scripps because not many people know or remember it. [For example, the current location of] SAGE used to be a black box theater because, before the internet, there were a lot of in-person performances.”

With his long curly hair — which he has donated twice — and radiant smile, Mullis is a true star at Scripps. He is gracious in his achievements, thoughtful with his words, and has an electric set of humor sure to liven up any space or “sanctuary.” Although Mullis has a plethora of opportunities and accomplishments to choose from, he asserts that his favorite part of his job is the effect it has on student experiences. 

“The name of the game is the students and the education, [and part of that are the events] which are about making memories,” he said.


Image Source: Belén Yudess ’25

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