Sitcom Crossword


Aviva Maxon ’24
Staff Writer

7. Danny, Jesse, and Joey raise D.J., Stephanie,and Michelle in San Francisco
10. The Bluth family is thrown into chaos when George Bluth Sr. is sent to prison
12. A bright-eyed school teacher moves in with four men
14. Dre, Rainbow, Zoey, Junior, Diane, Jack, and Deontre
15. Winner of this Heist is named the ‘ultimate detective slash genius’
19. 2023 Golden Globes Best Comedy winner starring a mostly Black cast
20. Classic 50s sitcom starring Lucille Ball
21. “Troy and Abed in the ____”
24. Creator, producer, writer and star of Abbott Elementary
27. Government change can happen in this sitcom starring Amy Poehler
28. 90s sitcom following a group of six people in their 20s in New York
29. Colombian American Actress who plays Gloria Delegato-Pritchet

1. Deputy Parks Director of Pawnee, IN
2. Mockumentary following the employees of a paper company in Scranton, PA
3. Tonight is going to be _________- wait for it- _____
4. An unlikely group comes together to study for their Spanish class at Greendale Community College
5. “Don’t ______ the B**** in Apartment 23”
6. Show following Eric Forman and friends
8. Show following a blended extended family
9. There is always money in the ____ stand
11. Police show set in New York poking fun at police dramas, _________ 99
13. Show following Ted Mosby and friends
16. Show following Zack Morris and friends in the 90s at Bayside High School
17. 30 ______, show starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin as they put on a live show every week
18. Show written and produced by Kenya Barish based on his own Black family
22. Paper company that Michael Scott manages
23. Drinking game played in apartment 4D, game starts with the chant, 1, 2, 3, 4, JFK, FDR
25. Liz Lemon is the head writer and producer of
26. “So no one ever told you life was gonna be this _____”
27. Magnitude’s catchphrase


Crossword Answers

7. Full House
10. Arrested Development
12. New Girl
14. Johnson Family
15. Halloween
19. Abbott Elementary
20. I Love Lucy
21. Morning
24. Quinta Brunson
27. Parks and Rec
28. Friends
29. Sofia Vergara

1. Leslie Knope
2. The Office
3. Legendary
4. Community
5. Trust
6. That Show
8. Modern Family
9. banana
11. Brooklyn
13. How I Met Your Mother
16. Saved By the Bell
17. Rock
18. Blackish
22. Dunder Mifflin
23. True American
25. TGS
26. way
27. Poppop

Image Source: Aviva Maxon ’24

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