Take a Hike, But Bring a Priceless Pets Dog!


Charlotte Korer ’27
Staff Writer

As part of the Destress Thursdays event series, Tiernan Field House (TFH) hosted a dog-walking event on Feb. 29. The participants met at TFH and took a short walk to the Priceless Pets Rescue, also known as The Orphanage, on East Foothill Boulevard.

Priceless Pets is a nonprofit, no-kill shelter that focuses on finding forever homes for pets. Once we arrived, volunteers were instructed on some of the dos and don’ts. Firstly, a lot of poop bags are a must. Honestly, the more poop bags, the merrier. Having a tight grip on the leash is crucial, especially when walking larger, stronger dogs. It is important to stay away from the areas known for complaining about the dogs, such as the apartment complex next door. The dogs are not supposed to interact with each other on volunteer walks because it is unclear how they will react. The same goes for strangers and other dogs since Priceless Pets prioritizes keeping their dogs and those of the Claremont community safe and friendly.

The first pup I walked was Jasper, a three-year-old and eight-month-old dog brought to the shelter in January. Jasper had a lot of personality and not a lot of enthusiasm for walking, at least on the afternoon I met him. When the staff first passed Jasper on to me, he was very interested in the bushes around him. When I gave him a gentle tug to get him walking, Jasper promptly went stiff and flopped onto his back, legs in the air. I swiftly gave in and let him lead the rest of our stroll. The dogs are well cared for and trust the shelter staff, which is evident in their friendliness. Jasper had no qualms about being held and petted. If you’re looking for a leisurely walk, Jasper is the dog for you!

When Jasper grew tired of me, the staff passed Mia over to me. Mia is two years and four months old and had only been at the shelter for three days when I met her. Mia had the sweetest eyes and was very curious about the world around her, possibly due to her newness to the area. She was eager to walk but willing to go wherever I led, even if that meant circling the parking lot a few times to get a sense of her strength. My experience with Mia reinforced the importance of strength and poop bags when walking the big dogs! Mia was very playful when another participant started jumping around with her. Walking through the neighborhood, she was eager to go at a speed I was not quite capable of matching, often looking over her shoulder to check I was still with her. She was happy to be passed onto another participant who could take her on a brief run. Mia is a very sweet girl who would love more walking and even running if any athletes are willing to help out!

Priceless Pets is always looking for more volunteers, especially for the pups’ morning walks. If you have any time throughout your day, make sure to go check The Orphanage out and let them know you’re willing to help during their open hours. The shelter is very low-commitment and looking for all the help they can get. Even just an hour a week is great for the dog’s physical and mental well-being!

Keep your eyes peeled for other opportunities from TFH. They are great for opening doors in Claremont and connecting with the Scripps community. TFH makes all of their engagement fun and fulfilling — they even brought donuts on our dog walk! Without TFH, establishments like Priceless Pets, so close to The Claremont Colleges, would go unnoticed and under-appreciated. I will definitely be returning to volunteer after spring break, and everyone should join!

Photo Courtesy of Charlotte Korer ’27

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