The Best of Halloweekend

Julia Cox ’23

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Halloween — and this Halloweekend did not fail to disappoint. There were countless creative outfits donned by Scrippsies and other Claremont College students in addition to trendy looks stemming from TikTok and other social media platforms that were frequently seen as well.

Adapting a character from a classic movie is a surefire way to find success on Halloween. One particularly popular costume this year was Megan Fox’s character Jennifer Check from “Jennifer’s Body,” either as a cheerleader or with her pink heart jacket. While I hopped on this trend in the cropped jacket and heart earrings, I wondered how this film had suddenly resurged. I had never heard of it before watching TikToks of cute Halloween costumes featuring this look. It was fun to dress up in an outfit I wasn’t previously familiar with and see other Jennifers out there, but I also appreciated the other nods I saw to equally classic movies.

In addition to this creative costume, many groups dressed up as fairies. With fairy wings selling out at many stores in the area and online, I wondered where this costume had originated. Google Trends fittingly placed “fairy” as the third most popular costume of 2021, behind Cruella De Vil and a rabbit. Additionally, I had seen this costume all over Tik Tok, though it’s a look that’s always been fairly well-used. The Scooby Doo gang was another well-appreciated costume. With the happy memories that show holds for many of us and the easy recognizability of the costumes, this group set was another trendy look.

One costume I thought to be particularly unique was Lucia Stein ’23’s nod to Vivian Ward of “Pretty Woman.” With a blue skirt, thigh-high boots, and white cut out top, Stein embodied both the look and spirit of Ward. “Vivian’s character is sexy but also a badass and doesn’t take shit from anybody, which I love,” Stein said about her choice of costume.

Creative Halloween costumes also often came in the form of takes on classics. Stephen Fatuzzo PO ’23 had one such costume, appearing as a Vans-pire during Halloweekend. Dressed in complete Vans attire, with sneakers, shorts, and a t-shirt, and vampire fangs, fake blood, and a dramatic cape, Fatuzzo’s play on words made for a clever costume.

Other students managed to come up with equally unique costumes. Sofia Markiewicz ’23 took it upon herself to create a winged cape from fabric she bought to transform into a moth for the weekend. With white details on the back of the cape, Markiewicz paired her creation with “MILF” earrings, with the “M” of course standing for “moth.”

In addition to these creative solo costumes, groups and pairs have been original in brainstorming unique costumes. Lily Dunkin ’24 and three of her friends dressed up as Trader “Hoes” last weekend, where they wore cropped tropical shirts and cargo shorts.

“The Trader Hoes was from a joke within the group about really just loving Trader Joe’s… and thus the pun was born!” said Dunkin. “This costume was especially fun as we could still participate in the age-old tradition of looking smoking hot on Halloween, while staying clever and culturally relevant.”

Along with group costumes, duo costumes are another opportunity for creativity. Friends Dunkin and Avalon Brice ’24 went as Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, respectively. I personally had not seen this outfit before and enjoyed seeing their unique take on the iconic pairing.

“Snoop and Martha is a classic duo… we were inspired by their friendship and hilarity,” said Dunkin. “The main inspiration was our budget, wherein frugality was of the utmost importance.”

I think it’s safe to say Halloweekend was a win this year, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone’s costumes. Until next year!

Image Source: Lily Dunkin ’24