The Motley has Jopened Their Doors Once More!


Belen Yudess ’25
Social Media Manager

All decked up in their most dazzling denim, the Motley team hosted their jeans-themed spring reopening. Cleverly called the Jopening, the event happened on Feb. 10.

Jopening, which hosted a line out the door throughout the 7-10 p.m. event, included several special features and exciting surprises. The Motley served six exclusive Jopening drinks: The Apple Bottom Jeans, UR Cute Jeans, Daisy Dukes, Jatcha Cha Cha, Boots with the Fur, and Joffee. The event also featured the Team Room Band who played live music for the gathered crowd that used Seal Court as a makeshift dance floor.

There were a lot of festive decorations inside the coffeehouse, including a pair of jeans open for student signatures, as well as an outdoor student art market which featured stunning pieces from student artists around the 5Cs. Some of the work included crochet designs, screenprints, tote bags, and handmade items.

“We have a retreat before each semester and [facilities manager] Liz Messinger ’23 had a list of 40 different themes that were just like most absurd stuff,” said current Co-Head Manager Rachel Corbett ’24. “One of them was Jopening and we were all like, that is so corny. Then the next day we came back and were like, ‘It’s kind of a funny idea.’”

Once establishing Jopening as the theme, the team was able to plan the night’s spunky menu, which also allowed them to launch new syrup and pastry options. “The opening menu was mostly Nayla [Dayal ’25], our community engagement manager’s, idea,” said Corbett. “She did a lot of the work for Jopening — she’s a star.”

Corbett attributes what she calls “funky fun products” to product managers Chelsea McCord ’24 and Angie Rivera ’24. New additions to the Motley include blueberry, blackberry, and butterscotch syrups. Additionally, the pastries being sold are from Homeboy Industries.

Corbett was ultimately excited about the overall positive energy surrounding the event.
“Even though it was so chaotic and busy, it was in the best way,” she said. “The reason we’re doing all this work is because people are so excited to be here.”

While she appreciated the students who came into the Motley for Jopening, seeing the hard work of her co-workers brought Corbett a lot of joy. “To know the work they [Motley staff] have put in is also being validated or rewarded was super sweet,” she said.

Following the success of Jopening, the Motley has no intention of slowing down and are currently planning events for the remainder of the semester. They plan to host a variety of monthly events. “We’re lucky to have a place on campus for students to congregate outside of OSE and all those other departments on campus,” Corbett said.

The Motley reopened in April of 2022, its first time since the start of the pandemic. This was no easy feat due to strict COVID-19 policies, a shortage of staff and supplies, as well as many other challenges that arose throughout the year. The 2021-22 Motley team, led by Maddie Moore ’22 and Camila Mejia ’22, persevered and successfully served the Scripps community for the remainder of the spring semester.

This year’s Motley team, like their predecessors, is keeping the enthusiasm and spirit of the cafe alive and thriving. “I would say everyone [on the Motley team] seems really eager to be in this space,” Corbett said. “There’s definitely a sense of comradery. Everyone is really upbeat and there’s always a conversation going.”

Corbett, who was the Facilities Manager last year, was promoted to Co-Head Manager with Briana Prieto ’23 due to their prior experiences on the managerial team. Although Corbett was nervous about the change, she noted that the team’s excitement this past semester has allowed her to develop a greater appreciation for the Motley team.

“The team is very collaborative, so no one is off making decisions on behalf of anyone else,” Corbett said. “Everyone on the manager team and all of the baristas work very hard and really care, they build a community with one another.”

As this semester goes on, the Motley is preparing to open applications for the fall semester. Corbett encouraged people to apply, and to be on the lookout for barista applications which will be released in the fall.

“I would like to say thank you to everyone for taking time out of your day to come hang out at the Motley,” Corbett said. “This place wouldn’t be so fun and relaxing without the people in it. Just thanks to all the artists who display their art here, I think that’s very quickly becoming a vital part of the Motley, which is awesome.”

Moving forward, the team hopes to continue meeting the needs of the student population. “Try the new products, and please give us as much feedback as you can,” Corbett said. “Keep coming back if you like coffee, and even if you don’t!”

The Motley is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Image Source: Motley Managerial Team

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