The Perfect Playlist to Put You in the Fall Spirit


Abbie Bobeck ‘26, Annika Lindberg ‘26, Mina Jung ‘26
Staff Writers

Happy fall, Scrippsies! Although the sun is currently shining bright in Claremont, the atmosphere of fall is starting to creep through campus. As midterms pickup and pumpkins show up all around, we want to enter the headspace of true autumn. To us, fall means so many things, from changing leaves to a little spice in your coffee, but most importantly, melancholic and sultry tunes. Three of us staff writers for The Scripps Voice have collaborated to compile the perfect fall playlist to transport you into your favorite fall scenes. We drew inspiration from themes of being paranoid, missing someone you love, and self-reflection. Our sad Scrippsie aesthetic is featured throughout the playlist and we hope some of these songs will provide you the same comfort as a cozy blanket. This article highlights a few songs that each of us added to the playlist, and why we think they contribute to the autumn vibe. Feel free to scan our graphic to listen on either Spotify or Apple Music, happy listening!

Annika’s Top Picks:
“doomsday” by Lizzy McAlpine
My top Spotify song for this month, “doomsday,” is off Lizzy McAlpine’s third album five seconds flat, and is perfect to get you in your feels just in time for fall. Throughout the song, McAlpine describes the feeling you get when you know a relationship is almost past its expiration date and must prepare yourself for the inevitable heartbreak. Full of funeral analogies and sad instrumentals, “doomsday” tugs at your heartstrings in all the right ways and, at least for me, triggers feelings I know all too well.

“I Saw the Moon” by Peach Fuzz
Similar to “doomsday,” “I Saw the Moon” also tells the story of a relationship gone wrong. The couple in the song holds onto their good memories as they search for forgiveness in each other after their relationship has soured. However, they knew their relationship was headed in the wrong direction. The lyric “we got along like a house that’s on fire” symbolizes the pain of knowing that it might be time to give up even while fun times of the past still linger. Peach Fuzz uses acoustic instrumentals and soft harmonization to give the song the full “sad girl autumn” aesthetic, making it a perfect addition to the TSV fall playlist.

Mina’s Top Picks:
“Slow Like Honey” by Fiona Apple
“Slow Like Honey” is an atmospheric masterpiece that feels spooky, foreboding, and slightly jazzy. In this song off her first album Tidal, Fiona Apple writes about haunting someone and drawing them in with her “big secret.” Full of building instrumentals and dark lyrics, this song is perfect to listen to on an October night. I would personally recommend sitting in one of the creepy old living rooms around campus and imagining yourself as a mysterious ghost.

“Heat Lightning” by Mitski
With a beautiful piano transition and gorgeous imagery, Mitski singing about insomnia and watching a storm over a driving beat and layered harmonies is the ideal soundtrack for an existential crisis. The lyrics have many double meanings and metaphors, and the instrumentals transport you to a new dimension. I like sitting in my room and staring at the wall to this one. Mitski never misses.

“Acolyte” by Slaughter Beach, Dog
Perfect for walking around campus, this song tells the story of a new relationship and the uncertainty that comes with it. It makes you nostalgic for something you may never have even experienced. Even though the lyrics are slightly sad, the upbeat instrumentals get your feet tapping a little bit. I would recommend listening to this with a spicy chai from the Motley, as I feel the two complement each other well.

Abbie’s Top Picks:
“Season of the Witch” by Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey’s cover of the 1966 psychedelic rock hit by Donavan adds a new sound to a classic. Lana’s sultry tone blends effortlessly with the enticing chorus and she brings new life to an already amazing song. The song plays on the illusions and paranoia of one’s own psyche, adding the perfect sinister mood to our fall playlist. This cover adds some spice to your fall and is the perfect accompaniment for slowly strutting on your way to class.

“Dark Red” by Steve Lacy
Steve Lacy’s “Dark Red” is about letting your deepest insecurities get the best of you in a relationship. Another nod to paranoia, the song ties wearing dark red lipstick to feeling confident and independent. Lacy’s pleading lyrics and smooth voice play off one another to encapsulate a feeling of longing and fear that something bad is about to happen to you. These feelings of suspense and reflection sum up the ins and outs of a sad Scrippsie fall.

“Dreams” by The Cranberries
“Dreams” is reminiscent of a crisp fall morning for me. The 90’s song is featured in some classic coming-of-age films that bring many of us a sense of nostalgia. Not only is the song extremely comforting, but it feels like you’re starring in your favorite fall flick when you listen to it. The song’s message is about changing with a new love as the leaves do. The song adds a soft optimism to a fall day.

Image Source: Annika Lindberg ‘26

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