Will You Be My Valentine? A Look-Book


Maddie Moore ’22
Fashion Columnist

Valentine’s Day: to some, a day for couples. To others, a day created by candy-companies to sell more candy. But to me, Valentine’s Day is the day when I am at my most powerful.

Pink, hearts, sweets galore, and an excuse to shower my friends with love (and heart-shaped waffles) — it truly is the best holiday. To celebrate, I have created a lookbook of valentine’s themed outfits — or, let’s be real, Maddie-themed outfits. I even got some lovely Scripps pal-entines to join in on the fun.

Top left: She’s the girl-next-dorm, valentine! Dressed up in a rosette cardigan layered over a patchwork-print dress and heart sunglasses to match the boots, she’ll melt your heart when you lock eyes in the food truck line.

Top middle: She’s french (in name only), valentine! With a beret, barbie-print cardigan, pink tennis skirt, and bow-adorned bralette, she’ll oui oui baguette into your heart.

Top right: She can be quirky, valentine! Rockin a Powerpuff Girls sweater, heart cowgirl stompin’ boots, and a bucket hat, this girl is truly not like other valentines.

Middle left: She can read, valentine! Sporting a Peter Pan collared blouse with puff sleeves and pearlescent heart shaped buttons underneath a heart-pocketed corduroy pinafore and pink platform sandals, this girl definitely does all her 50-page readings assignments.

Center: She likes to party (sometimes), valentine! Pairing pink and blue with a Lazy Oaf bell-sleeved cardigan, heart-printed pants, and gogo boots, she’s ready to take one shot and then go to bed.

Middle right: She’s a princess, valentine! Twirling in a pink Selkie and her favorite hairbow, this girl (in the words of the Cheetah girls) “would rather rescue herself.”

And now, some stunning Scripps pal-entines in their valentine-themed outfits:

Bottom left: Isabella Melsheimer ’22 is dazzling in an all-pink ensemble, featuring some bad-ass pink boots (Isabella, you are on my rob list), a drop-waist hot pink ruffled skirt, a pleather pink bra, and adorable pink heart earrings — all to match their pink hair!

Bottom middle: Devika Chipalkatti ’22 looks like a Valentine’s Day fairy in a pale pink sweater, pink A-line skirt, and pumps. The look is made even more adorable by the pink flowers that adorn her hair.

Bottom right: Grace Corrigan ’22 looks gorgeous in a black dress with red heart details, black heels, and a matching red bow!

Image Source: Maddie Moore ’22

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